What TS Girls Really Look For In A Guy

If TS girls are a mystery to you, believe me, you are not alone. Being a TS girl myself, I have had my fair share of unsuccessful relationships with guys who simply did not understand what I wanted and needed. Some of them worried too much about what their parents thought and I always felt like they were ashamed of me. Others did not care about other people’s opinions, but they could not understand what I was going through, what it felt like to be me, what I needed to be happy. Finally, there were guys who were just attracted to me because I was a trans girl, not because of who I am.

The sad truth is that they all liked me, some of them even loved me, but they knew nothing about dating a TS girl. If you want to be with a girl like me, here is what you need to give her to make it work.

What TS Girls Really Look For In A Guy


Being a TS girl is harder than you can imagine. We constantly face ridicule and prejudice. Some people think we are all prostitutes, many think we are not girls at all. If they are not rude, they are overly sympathetic. The main problem is that transitioning is hard enough in itself and we need a lot of support along the way. If everyone makes us feel like we are different, and not in a good way, it is crucial that our partners support us and see us for who we really are. If we know that there is one person who always understands us and who is always on our side and by our side, the rest of the world does not matter. There is nothing more important to a TS girl than the support she gets from her guy.


No matter how confident we may seem, we are always insecure about our looks, our voice, our behavior. We always worry that we are not feminine enough. If you love your girl, tell her that she is beautiful, tell her you love her smile, make her feel like the lady she is. This will strengthen your relationship more than you can imagine.


We are not fools. We know that most guys want to be with us out of curiosity. There is nothing really wrong about it, as long as you are being honest. So, if you just want to know what it feels like to be with a TS girl, be a man and say it. The girls will appreciate your honesty and you may even get lucky.


Every girl needs affection and the same goes for TS girls. Holding hands, random kisses, simple tokens of affection always work. If you want a real relationship, you need to show the girl how you feel. Actions speak louder than words.


People can be pretty harsh, so if you want your girl to be happy, you need to make her feel safe. You do not have to be a macho guy and get overprotective. No, you just need to be there for her, stand up for her when she does not feel strong enough to stand up for herself. Give her strength and security and she will love you for it.

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