TS Fuck Buddy Review - UPDATED Feb. 2019

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While online dating certainly has its fans, there are those among them who would rather skip the whole touchy-feely shenanigans and jump straight to the action. This is where hookup websites come in as a perfect substitute to dating sites for people who are simply looking for fun.

And as it is with dating services, so do hookup sites vary in the type of members they house. This time, we’re looking into one of the best transsexual dating and hookup places on the internet – TS Fuck Buddy.

TS Fuck Buddy

First Glance

As soon as we saw TS Fuck Buddy for the first time, we realized that this online hookup site is all about providing you with a quick and easy way to have sex with a TS girl or guy. Not many hookup sites offer this kind of service, but among those that do, TS Fuck Buddy is certainly among the biggest and most popular ones.

Once you reach the front page of this website, you’ll immediately be offered to sign up and start looking for your own TS adventure.

Horny Trannies are Waiting for You – Join TS Fuck Buddy!

Layout And Usability

Since most dating websites utilize simplicity and clean interfaces, it’s understandable that hookup sites do the same. Needless to say, TS Fuck Buddy follows suit. The layout of the website is very easy to navigate. With just enough spacing between buttons and a pretty neutral color scheme, TS Fuck Buddy made sure to keep distractions to a minimum and to make your search for a hot transsexual date that much more efficient.


The signup offer we mentioned before isn’t just right there on the front page, but it also doesn’t require any payment whatsoever! That’s right – joining TS Fuck Buddy is absolutely free, which is just one more reason to join this awesome TS dating/hookup site.

As a free member, you’ll be able to set up your own profile, upload a photo, browse the website’s members, view their profiles, and even send them flirts. But that’s not where the benefits of this website for hookups end:

If you opt out to become a Premium Member, you’ll gain the ability to go into more detail while checking out the profiles of other users, see who’s looking at your own profile, and use the advanced search tool. Premium Membership also makes you a featured member, meaning that you’ll show up in other people’s searches more frequently than any basic member.

Another great feature on TS Fuck Buddy is the chat app. You can choose to chat with all online users in one big conversation or ask someone in particular for a session. In any case, it’s a great way to stumble upon someone interesting and hot who might not appear in your search otherwise.

TS Fuck Buddy

Member Base

Despite the fact that we live in the 21st century and sexual preferences aren’t really all that taboo, we were still amazed when we realized just how many transsexual members there are on TS Fuck Buddy.

There are literally thousands of potential hot flings to choose from here! Furthermore, browsing through members is much easier if you filter them out. You can set common parameters such as age, height, hair color, as well as uncommon ones like post-op and pre-op.

The majority of members are from USA, which means you’ll certainly find someone you like if you live in the States. There are also members from many other countries as well, so don’t despair if you aren’t currently in the USA.


Bottom line, we don’t see that many good hookup and dating sites for transsexuals these days. Luckily for you, TS Fuck Buddy is definitely one of them and we can guarantee you’ll find someone for a hot hookup here. Make sure to check it out!

Chat Room

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