All You Need To Know About MTF Voice Feminization

If you’ve ever been called “sir” on the phone, you pretty much know how every TS person feels about their persistent male voice. Hormone therapy will do wonders to feminize your body, face lines, and hair, but it will do nothing for your voice.

So, if you actually want to sound like a woman, you have to go through rigorous vocal training in order to condition your vocal cords to produce more “feminine” and high-pitch sounds on a regular basis. If this is something you’re interested in doing, this article is a perfect starting point for your new seductive and feminine voice.

All You Need To Know About MTF Voice Feminization

Finding The Right Coach

First of all, let’s get one thing perfectly clear. You won’t be able to perform optimal vocal training on your own, that is, without the help of a trained professional. In other words, you’ll need a qualified speech pathologist that specializes in providing voice feminization programs for transgender clients. There are numerous such programs online and choosing the right one can be extremely difficult if you don’t know exactly what you’re looking for. Most of the so-called “certified” speech pathologists will simply charge you absurd amounts of money and leave you without any significant progress to show for all those investments. Knowing exactly what you need is the key to success when it comes to feminizing your voice for good.

You can either opt to have your sessions in person if you have a speech pathologist in your area or you can go for online sessions, usually via Skype. People commonly don’t trust online programs, but it all depends on the coach providing the service, not on the medium used. Good coaches will monitor your progress and provide you with personal feedback after every voice feminization training session. You want to find a really dedicated individual who’ll work with you until the desired results are there. Additionally, you should also know exactly who that person is since no serious expert will shy away from giving you their credentials if they have them. Apart from their name, you should also ask for their professional background and relevant certification. As we all know, the Internet is full of scammers who won’t be able to provide any trustworthy credentials and will usually ghost you if you ask more serious questions about their past and professional competence.

So, even though we know you feel like the entire world will collapse if you don’t feminize your voice to match your inner personality right now, but putting everything on hold until you find a trustworthy and competent service provider definitely pays off.

What Is Good Vocal Training?

A good vocal coach will design a program that covers all the relevant areas of voice feminization since anything less will never have a chance of providing you with satisfactory results. Therefore, it is very prudent to ask for a “curriculum” in advance and study the program a bit before investing any money or taking any classes.

We’ll go over a couple of key factors every vocal coach worthy of the name has to cover in order to condition your vocal cords to produce more feminine sounds.
Some of the most important components of every voice coaching program include:

  • Pitch – In simple terms, pitch makes it possible for us to judge a certain sound as higher or lower as associated with musical melodies. You want to “manufacture” a higher pitch in order to sound more feminine.
  • Forward resonance – The resonation of a speaker is there to provide a better sound that meets certain practical and aesthetic qualities. The voice is also an acoustic instrument like a guitar, for example, and as such, it features its special chambers for resonating the tone. A professional and skilled voice coach will teach you how to resonate your voice through different resonating ducts and chambers.
  • Correct breathing – Breathing is everything when it comes to modifying your voice or even using it properly. There are countless breathing techniques a good voice pathologist will teach you, allowing you to use your breath as a tool to achieve a more feminine voice.
  • Intonation – As we all know, females are more prone to expressing their emotions. One of the biggest mediums of doing that is your voice. Intonation makes all the difference between questions and statements, between different types of questions, etc. If you’re trying to produce a higher pitch artificially, you will have significant difficulties to intonate your speech and convey your emotions to the listener.
  • Articulation – One of the things you’ll have to do while mastering your new voice is to learn how to articulate words properly. You’ll have to “recalibrate” the movement of your tongue, lips, jaw, and other speech organs to accommodate your new speaking voice.

Of course, these are just the bare-bones of any respectable voice coaching program and there are countless other nuances and “secrets of the trade” when it comes to familiarizing you with female verbal communication and teaching you how to use it. The idea behind those programs is not simply to teach you how to speak like a female but to provide you with different shades of female verbal expressions and show you how to convey your emotions and intentions the way any female would. Learning how to use female verbal skills will definitely help with expressing your inner femininity and showing it for the whole world to see.

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